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TreeBook: Tree Species Indigenous to Southern Africa,   indexed by Scientific name.

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Celtis africana

Celtis africana | White stinkwood | Very hardy summer shade tree

Celtis africana | White stinkwood | A statuesque indigenous tree. Very hardy, medium to large deciduous tree

Gardening ideas

Suitable for planting in a small garden as a summer shade tree. Celtis africana's leaves gradually turns yellow from February and is without any leaves for about 3 months. Be warned that unscrupulous nurseries sell celtis sinensis (a non-indigenous species) as "White stinkwood". Sinensis cross pollinates with Celtis africana, slowly destroying our indigenous specie. If you have sinensis in your garden, please remove them.

Celtis africana

White stinkwood


  • .

It is very hardy (min. temperature is -6C)

  • It will grow in soil type:

well-drained, compost rich

Medium: 10m high; 6m crown

  • Mature size?

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  • It's leaf growth is


  • It's growth rate is


  • It's roots are

slightly aggressive

  • It's drought tolerance?

Drought tolerant

  • Sexes?

Bisexual flower on same the tree

  • Birds?

Fruit eaters


  • Screening value?

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  • Value to game?

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