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TreeBook: Tree Species Indigenous to Southern Africa,   indexed by Scientific name.

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Cussonia paniculata sinuata

Cussonia paniculata sinuata | Highveld cabage tree | Bergkiepersol | beautiful leaves but very aggressive roots

Cussonia panuculata sinuata | Mountain cabbage tree | Bergkiepersol |Its digitate leaves and corky bark makes this tree unique. Its thick, swollen roots are very aggressive. Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

Gardening ideas

Suitable for a small garden if planted at least 10m from any paved areas. Highveld cabbage tree makes a striking focal point. It flowers perhaps once in 3-5 years attracting a hive of insects. Birds love its fruit. It is very water wise and will thrive with rain only. The species is prone to root rot. Do not plant it within the range of any irrigation systems. It grows well in a large, well-drained pot. Use this method if you have a very small garden.

Cussonia paniculata sinuata

Mountain cabbage-tree, Highveld cabbage-tree


  • .

It is very hardy (min.temperature is -6C)

  • It will grow in soil type:

well-drained, sandy or rocky

Small: 5m high; 3m crown

  • Mature size?

  • Plant in container?


  • It's leaf growth is


  • It's growth rate is


  • It's roots are

very aggressive

  • It's drought tolerance?

Drought tolerant

  • Sexes?

Bisexual flower on the same tree

  • Birds?

Fruit eaters


  • Screening value?

  • Flowers?

showy flowers

  • Value to game?

no value

More information? 

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