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TreeBook: Tree Species Indigenous to Southern Africa,   indexed by Scientific name.

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Erythrina caffra

Erythrina caffra | Coast corral tree planted in a large garden

Coast coral tree | Focal point in a large garden | Oubaai Golf Estate

Gardening ideas

Erythrina caffra is suitable for a small garden if planted in a large pot. It has very aggressive roots.

Erythrina caffra

Coast coral tree


  • .

It is mildly sensitive ( min. temperature is -0.5C)

  • It will grow in soil type:

well-drained, compost rich

Large: 10m+ high; 10m crown

  • Mature size?

  • Plant in container?


  • It's leaf growth is


  • It's growth rate is


  • It's roots are

very aggressive

  • It's drought tolerance?

Needs modest water

  • Sexes?

Bisexual flower on same the tree

  • Birds?

Nectar feeders


  • Screening value?

  • Flowers?

showy flowers in profusion

  • Value to game?

no value

More information? 

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