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TreeBook: Tree Species Indigenous to Southern Africa,   indexed by Scientific name.

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Rothmannia capensis

Rothmannia capensis | Wild gardenia | Valskatjiepiering | Striking flowers and fruit

Rothmannia capensis | Wild gardinia | Valskatjiepiering | Dark green leaves and striking, sweet scented flowers lasting only two days. Large fruit stays on the tree for a long time. Bataleur Nature Reserve

Gardening ideas

This slow growing tree is a collectors item. Its up-right growth form and dark-green leaves will draw immediate attention. Combine this with its short-lived, sweet scented flowers and large fruit, and you will agree that this tree adds something different and unique to your garden. It grows well in a large pot, but will need regular feeding to maintain the leaves' dark-green color. Use this method to enjoy Wild gardenia in a very small garden.

Rothmannia capensis

Wild gardenia


  • .

It is hardy (min. temperature is -2C)

  • It will grow in soil type:

well-drained sandy or rocky

Medium 10m high; 6m crown

  • Mature size?

  • Plant in container?


  • It's leaf growth is


  • It's growth rate is


  • It's roots are


  • It's drought tolerance?

Needs modest water

  • Sexes?

Bisexual flower on the same tree

  • Birds?



  • Screening value?

  • Flowers?

showy flowers

  • Value to game?

no value

More information? 

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